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Stephanie Richardson

Body Back & Stroller Strides Instructor, Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie joined FIT4MOM® in January 2016 after 3 months of being “shut-in” with a premature infant and 4 more months healing from a broken foot. Feeling quite isolated and alone, Stephanie was searching for something that offered mom-to-mom companionship, socialization for her daughter, structure and a place to gain strength and endurance for motherhood. She admits to almost throwing up after pushing herself in her first ever Stroller Strides class…however, she joined right after class. The encouragement and love from the other moms that didn’t even know her, along with the understanding and motivation of the instructor, and the announcements of playdates/moms night out made it very clear that FIT4MOM met all the requirements of that “something”.

Stephanie participated in her first Body Back session May 2016. In the eight weeks, she gained more than she expected: strength and endurance beyond what she thought possible, an understanding of clean-eating and how food acts as fuel for the body, a calm in motherhood, and herself. Moms can sometimes get lost in “mommyhood” and Body Back brought the “self” back to “herself”. Because Stephanie gained so much during the Body Back session, she wanted to ensure it was offered as often as possible for others to gain what she did. Three sessions later, Stephanie continues to feel grateful for her village and the opportunity to continue to share this program with others.

From an isolated beginning in motherhood, FIT4MOM has fostered a happy, energetic, thriving mom with strength for motherhood.

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