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Winter 2020/1: Bundle up & Burn

Somehow the winter is upon us! As the holidays draw near, 2020 comes to a close (byeee) and temperatures begin to drop, we'd normally head indoors for the winter season at FIT4MOM. This year, we're delaying the beginning of our indoor season as we continue to closely monitor the pandemic affecting our country and, more specifically, our local Atlanta area.

We will be continuing to host our Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides classes 100% OUTDOORS through December 31, 2020. Watch out for an announcement later in December for January & February plans.

Our stroller classes are held in sunny, spacious locations and start in the mid-morning, allowing for mostly manageable temperatures that usually don't require excessive amounts of bundling (thanks, Georgia climate!) We will continue to limit class capacity at each of our 5 locations in order to enable 10 feet of distance between each stroller. Additionally, we'll require you complete your COVID health questionnaire before class daily. THANK YOU for your cooperation and diligence you've already shown over the last few months!

Our Body Well & Body Boost classes will continue to be held virtually + in-person on Saturdays as originally planned, while FIT4BABY will complete our current Fall session fully virtual. Every week in your weekly FIT4MOM email, we share the corporate FIT4MOM virtual workouts that are recorded daily & are available to you for free - they are awesome, so if you're wanting to stay around the house one morning, try one out!

So as we're looking ahead at the holiday season and your winter social calendars are looking surprisingly light, please continue to join us for class! FIT4MOM outdoor stroller classes feel like one of the few family friendly activities right now that we can feel confident are safe for the whole family. Please get outside and join us: you'll get a great workout without requiring childcare, breathe some fresh (maybe crisp!) air, and socialize with other mamas. We're so happy to be able to continue offering this service for you and your kiddos during these very challenging times. We are ALL in this together!

Need to get some new gear?!

Our best advice is DRESS. IN. LAYERS! But if you need some ideas, we've sourced our favorite outdoor winter workout gear for mamas & for the babes, too. Even our FIT4MOM friends in the North helped contribute! So whether you're cold blooded or warm blooded, you'll find something helpful on this list. Happy shopping!

1. Stroller Blanket: This one is a pro-tip from our instructor and mama-of-four Maureen Wise. It's a blanket that has ties on the side that you attach to the stroller so the kids can't kick it off - simple as that!

2. Stroller Bunting: While these can be a bit of an investment, they are NYC mama approved. And keep an eye on them on Black Friday! This 7AM brand stroller bunting grows from size 6M to 4T, is car seat & stroller strap friendly (has a flap that lets you buckle them in) and stands up against all kinds of wind and weather.

3. Vest for Mom: Vests are a perfect in-between layer, and often in Georgia that may be all you need! Costco has great deals on down vests, and the sports brands also carry pricier versions that offer lots of great sweat-wicking technology - check out the Patagonia Nano Puff for your Christmas list. Bonus points: it folds up super small to shove in the diaper bag after you really work up a sweat!

4. Ember Coffee Mug: Yes, you need to hydrate with water and electrolytes...but having a perfectly toasty cup of tea or coffee for before and/or after class doesn't hurt! The Ember coffee mug is another great one for the Christmas list. Plus, it's multipurpose as you know your coffee gets cold at home too :)

5. Fleece-Lined Leggings: Some of the favorites from the FIT4MOM mamas in the north are Athleta's Peak Hybrid Fleece Tight, Underarmour Cold Gear Leggings and Lululemon Chase the Chill Tight. Keep those legs warm while they are working hard!

6. Velcro Stroller Mitts: This is another must-have from the Northeast mamas. What are stroller mitts?! They're basically intense mittens that stay strapped onto your stroller handle so you can keep your hands warm while you're pushing the kiddos - and you never drop them. What could be better?!

7. Hand Warmers: While you may immediately think of skiing when you hear hand warmers, they're an easy, inexpensive add-on to your winter gear on a really cold day in Georgia too! Tuck them into your gloves or even the toes of your shoes.

8. Stroller Cover for BOB: Not surprisingly, these look like they're a little low on stock right now out there in our world. So check Facebook marketplace or snag one now - they create a nice, warm little cocoon for your babe in the stroller. One mama said her daughter likes "her tent" when she goes for runs!

9. Thermos for Kids: Mama may be moving but the kiddos are not! They have the snacks, but why not add a warm toasty beverage? Hot chocolate, tea, cider - your choice! Keep their mouths and fingers warm, too. Pro tip: make sure the drink goes in there at the temperature they'll want to drink it, because it will keep it hot for a WHILE!

10. Lotion & Lip Balm with SPF: Because we're outside and wanting to stay warm, we will be in the sun as much as possible! So don't let those cold temps fool you - the sun still shoots out those harmful rays year-round. Invest in some high quality face SPF for your face, and a lip balm that has an SPF of 30 or higher. And bring it along so you can reapply!


We hope these winter tips are helpful. Thank you for supporting FIT4MOM Roswell Alpharetta Perimeter no matter what season it is. We're so glad to be on this wild journey of motherhood together. Stay warm, mamas!