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The Show Must Go On 

Atlanta Dance Central launches a virtual dance platform immediately to keep their students connected & happy during quarantine

Roswell's own Atlanta Dance Central was one of the first dance studios in the USA to move their dance classes to a virtual platform. On March 12th, ADC planned to open its doors to students after being closed for 3 days due to COVID-19. “We follow the school system's decisions and they opened for the day”, says Founder & Director of Education, Charlotte Williamson. The ADC team felt uncomfortable reopening so at 2:30 PM, they decided to move all dance classes online. Two hectic hours later, ADC launched its first virtual dance class & has been fully online ever since.

Their virtual classroom includes much more than just an online dance class. ADC team members meet 1:1 with dancers each week, host “Connect” time for the dancers to chat, lead dance classes & socials for parents, and create dance challenges for the whole family. The whole world can get involved with the fun with two Facebook Live dance parties each week & our costumed Princess Party every Friday. Each ADC dancer created their own dance space at home & their technique is progressing, in spite of the conditions. “We want to ensure our dancers still receive the very best dance education. An important component of the virtual classroom is the DanceWork assignments. Dancers submit their assignments online & receive direct feedback about their dancing”, says Charlotte.

Parents are very appreciative of the outstanding work of the ADC team. “You were the first to really jump in and keep life going for their kids. It’s been such a positive life giving part of Hayley’s day”, Says Roswell Mom, Stephanie Buice.

Charlotte shared ADC’s virtual classroom design with other dance studios throughout the world as the pandemic grew. The schedules, strategy, & content ADC created has been replicated in Seattle, Kentucky, New Jersey, & even the UK. A local Yoga studio was also inspired to continue their business online from the ADC design. Charlotte & the ADC team love helping other small businesses thrive & helping students stay connected to the activities they enjoy.

As the time within quarantine continues, the ADC team creates more activities for their community. Eli Coker, ADC alumni & faculty member, created a blog series based off of Frozen 2 to help parents talk to their children about COVID-19. The ADC team hosted their first virtual Spring Break Camp, complete with crafts, stories, games, dance, and mediation. Students can have coffee or story time with Charlotte & non-dancing siblings can workout with Coach Jeremy, a Level 2 CrossFit trainer & CrossFit kids trainer. “Our goal is to keep our community positive & connected by giving the whole family something fun to look forward to,” says Charlotte.

Perhaps the most important message right now is “The Show Must Go On.” Rather than cancelling the performance season for the dancers, the ADC team is determined to find a safe solution & allow the dancers to perform. 40 ART Company dancers gathered on Zoom to rehearse over Spring Break so they are prepared to take the stage whenever they can. “It was inspiring to see them dancing their hearts out in their living room,” says Charlotte. The recitals are currently postponed but will be held over the summer in some capacity. “It means so much as a parent to be able to tell our dancers that we know one special event that won’t be cancelled,” says ADC mom, Staci Bolton. And that’s certainly true for the graduating seniors. Annie Brown, Roswell Class of 2020, says, “I can cope with the rest knowing we still have our Company Performance to look forward to.”

Atlanta Dance Central is currently enrolling for our May Virtual Classroom & our June Virtual Summer Camps. To maintain the safety of our community, we will not be opening for regular classes at this time.

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