One Year of Boss Mommin': A First Year Recap from Amy

Happy Sunday, mamas! The school year has kicked off for lots of us, and I won't lie to you, stress and anxiety are at an all time high. I'm feeling it myself and I've heard it from a lot of you, no matter what stage of life you're in. We're all going through a tough time together. But I wanted to take this opportunity to pause for a minute, look back, and celebrate what we've done together over the last year.

Today marks one year since I became owner of FIT4MOM Roswell Alpharetta Perimeter. I won't lie to you, it felt a little crazy to buy a fitness franchise in the middle of a global pandemic, but WOW, it's been a gift. Truly, it's been an honor to lead each of you in your fitness and motherhood journeys over the last year, as I navigate my own journey right alongside you. I wanted to round up some of my favorite moments from the last year to help us remember that we have truly persevered together through hard times. And that you have an incredibly strong Village behind you. In no particular order...

  • Our Thankful for Mama class in last November. We hadn't been together as a big group in over 6 months, and felt like we'd been going through battle trying to keep our families healthy in our new COVID reality. Almost 30 of you gathered safely at Halcyon on a beautiful fall day, and we were able to gift you with lots of goodies and giveaways, including photos of you and your families taken by Meg Porter!
  • Launching & teaching FIT4BABY: In the fall of 2020, we launched FIT4BABY, FIT4MOM's prenatal fitness offering. We had never offered it before in our franchise, and I was so excited to bring it to ATL! We started virtually (and have run it virtually since) and had 10 awesome mamas join our first session! Even though we were each hunkered down in our own homes, we made community anyways and were able to support each other all the way through the birth of all our precious FIT4MOM babies.
  • Winter 2021 Body Well Workouts: Winter 2020/2021 was a pretty dark time for a lot of us. But I'll never forget driving up to our *outdoor* 6am Saturday morning Body Well workouts in January/February. It was dark and the thermostat on my car read 30 degrees...I thought for SURE I'd be the only one to show up. But nope, Lindsey plus five or six of our strong mamas were there too, decked out in our winter workout gear. We got our workouts done in the freezing cold, then did our meditations and started our winter weekends off strong. Pardon the language, but we were BADASS strong mamas those mornings.
  • Dunwoody Baptist Partnership: As soon as I started working on FIT4MOM projects last summer, I started searching for a new Perimeter class location. We started working out at Dunwoody Baptist Church in October 2020, and it has become a fantastic community of mamas made possible by a wonderful partner and class location. The soccer field is the perfect place for classes, and the basketball gym was such a blessing last winter for indoor classes.
  • Santa Joe Music Class: In a year where we weren't able to do many fun social activities for the kids (are you seeing a theme here?!) we were able to pull off a socially distant holiday music class for Our Village with Santa Joe there for (safe) photo opps. We all got our quintessentially 2020 Santa photos with our kids, and we got to watch our kids shake their jingle bells (that we brought from our own homes) and sing. For a second, it felt like a normal holiday season, and it was such a happy moment for me.
  • Saturday Family Classes: There are so many working mamas in our community who weren't able to connect with FIT4MOM during our normal weekday stroller classes. We launched Saturday family classes at Halcyon in spring 2021. Some of my favorite classes from the last year were with my husband in tow, on Saturday mornings! We all work out, and then get to play in the green at Halcyon. I'm so proud we've been able to keep these classes going - come try one!!
  • Mama & Community Support: By far the best thing about Our Village and my experience as owner over the past year has been the friendships, community and support from other mamas. When I suffered a miscarriage in April of this year, my Village showed up big. Our instructors and playgroup captains showered me with gifts and support, and made me feel so loved during a terrible time. I didn't expect it, and was taken aback by the generosity. I laid low for a few weeks, soaking up my two girls at home, and FIT4MOM continued to thrive, ready to welcome me back when I was ready. There's nothing better than this group of mamas.

And there are countless more. Watching my girls do burpees in my living room and play "Stroller Strides," knowing I'm setting a good example for them. The Mother's Day Classes. The time spent with our AMAZING instructors who keep this Village going, day in and day out. Watching our membership grow THREE FOLD despite the pandemic. I can't even scratch the surface of the joy FIT4MOM brings me here in this blog post.

For those mamas out there who are feeling isolated, anxious or lonely in their motherhood journeys, I encourage you to lean into this Village. Show up to a workout even if it's been a while - we're just happy to see you. Sign up for Body Well even if you don't think you're strong enough - we'll be there to support you every step of the way. Drag those kids out of the house to a park playdate - just seeing other mamas doing the same things you are will clear out that mom fog in your brain and make you feel less alone.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have made my first year of FIT4MOM ownership such an amazing one. I can't wait to see what this next year will hold! Sending lots of love to you & your families -- we will get through this year TOGETHER. #strengthinmotherhood

- Amy

Photo credit: Devine Memories Photography