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Mama of the Month - Rachael P

It’s that time again to celebrate our Mama of the Month at FIT4MOM Roswell Alpharetta Perimeter! This month our mama of the month is Rachael P.! She attends class mostly over at Roswell and y'all this girl can work it! Next time you see her- give her a big high five!

Here is her story:


My name is Rachael. I was born in Windsor Canada and moved to Georgia when I was 15 years old.

I’ve always been an active person. I played soccer for some years and I’m an avid runner. Five years ago, I got involved with boxing. I would train for hours and did fights for 2 years.

I went to beauty college and I decided to start my own salon.

Three years ago, I married my wonderful husband and we had our son, Austin. He’s 18 months old now. Six months after I had him, I sold my salon. I wanted to be home with him.

After some time, I felt very isolated and I was doing my own workouts at home or running with Austin in the stroller. I went to Avalon for Little Acorns and saw the table that said FIT4MOM. I met Sylvia and we talked for awhile. I read the pamphlet over and over and finally after 2 weeks, I took my first class.

It was so fun and even though Austin cried through the whole class and I was nervous to start, I signed up!

That was August 2018 and I’ve lost 40 pounds of baby weight since then. Austin now gets so excited to go every morning! His face lights up when we pull in and he sees everyone.

FIT4MOM has been a blessing in our life. We have enjoyed the field trips and play dates. We’ve made great friendships and feel supported in whatever stage of life we are going through. It truly takes a village and I couldn’t of asked for a better group of moms and kids on this journey!

Austin and I are forever grateful to you all. Everyone has made a huge impact in our life and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.