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Mama of the Month - Julie L

We are so excited to introduce to you our FEBRUARY Mama of the Month, Julie Levis

She attends class in Roswell. She is always such a warm and smiling face and an absolute joy to talk to so next time you see her- give her a big high five! Here is her story:


I’m Julie and I am from Houston Texas, where I met my husband Tyler. After we were engaged, I moved to Roswell in the summer of 2017. Got married in October of 2017, then BOOM! 2 months later I was pregnant with our sweet son Jackson.

Honestly, he was a bit of a surprise, which totally freaked me out. I was did not choose the mom life, the mom life chose me.

After I finished the school year (5th year Social Studies teacher btw), my husband and I decided that I would stay at home and care for Jackson. In the midst of all the fun, yet agonizing chaos of pregnancy, I kept finding myself wondering how I will be able to stay fit after a baby. I knew working out at a gym would be near impossible and Jackson would be too young to be looked after in the Kids club.

So one night, I literally Googled “workout mom class Roswell.” No joke... HA! FIT4MOM popped up and I was extremely excited that I found what I was looking for! A group of moms who worked out with their kids in tow and a sense of community that built one another up! Once I attended my first class I was hooked. They couldn’t get rid of me. I immediately felt support, welcomed, and non-judged for being SO OUT OF SHAPE! OMG! Seriously, it was bad...

I have made such amazing friends that understand what it means to be a mother, what it’s like to be vulnerable and not perfect, and what it takes to get out of bed in the morning even after 2 hours of sleep with a newborn. I feel so lucky to be apart of FIT4MOM and cannot wait to continue this journey with these outstanding women!!!