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Mama of the Month: Heather Palmer

Our April 2021 Mama of the Month is Heather Palmer! Heather joined us first on her maternity leave at Stroller Strides classes at Halcyon, and is now in her second round of Body Well! We love seeing her and her family at our Saturday Stroller Strides classes, too.

We asked Heather a few fun questions to help us get to know her better - check out her answers below!

Tell us about your family: We are a family of 5: me, hubby (Jimmy), son (Jameson, a new 3!), daughter (Hadley, 9 months), and our pup, Penny (a 5-yo goldendoodle).

Hometown: I moved around a lot, but would say I'm MOSTLY from New Hampshire. Prior to moving down here last April, we lived in Northern Virginia for 6.5 years.

Currently live in: Johns Creek

Preferred Class Location: Family Strides @ Halcyon, Body Well @ Phase

Current/Previous Career: Pharmaceutical Consultant (background is Chemical Engineering)

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert-ish

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: I was a vegetarian for 8 years -- until right after my son was born and we needed meal time to be a little easier.

Favorite exercise: I think a hard run -- something about it is so good for helping clear your mind.

Must-have baby product: My favorite item I purchased is still the single BOB -- I love that stroller!

Favorite Food: Some iteration of a grilled cheese sandwich.

How did you find FIT4MOM? One of my friends in NoVa was really into FIT4MOM, but it didn't fit into my work schedule at the time. Once moving down here (during the pandemic and then being on maternity leave), I sought out F4M to see if you guys were still active as a way to get back into working out and meet some new mom friends. Luckily I found you right when you were starting classes at Halcyon (which is literally down the street from me)!

What do you love about FIT4MOM? I love the camaraderie at F4M! It's so nice to be able to meet people in the same period of life and with similar values (especially during such a strange time in our lives). This past year hasn't been easy, but having F4M as a resource and outlet has been amazing!

What does motherhood mean to you? This question is so hard! Motherhood means lots of (preferably iced) coffee and loving these little people more than I ever thought possible.


Thanks, Heather!! Do you have someone you'd like to nominate to be our FIT4MOM Mama of the Month? Email