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Mama of the Month - Hanna K.

We're so excited to introduce our April Mama of the Month: Hanna Knapp. She attends class mostly in Perimeter. She is always such a warm and smiling face and an absolute joy to talk to so next time you see her- give her a big high five! Here is her story:

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My name is Hanna Knapp and I enjoy quality family time with my husband Daniel and our son Maximilian.

I am very active and I love to travel around the world collecting and sharing wonderful memories.Some of my favorite activities include scuba diving, sailing and skiing.

I support the 4 Oceans movement. This is a global organization that removes trash from our oceans so that we can protect them for future generations. .

I am passionate about my profession. I am a procurement specialist. That means that I get to go shopping every day and the best part is that I get paid for it!.

While I was pregnant with my son Maximilian, I joined an outdoor workout group for pregnant women in Stuttgart, Germany. In this group, the members continued to workout together even after the babies were born.

My husband, Daniel and I had an opportunity to move to the Unites States so in June 2018 we made the move from Stuttgart to Atlanta, Georgia. Even with this big move it was important to me to continue with my outdoor workout routine. Through online research I learned that FIT4MOM, an active outdoors Mom's Group was located at the Perimeter Mall, less than a mile away from our new home in Atlanta. I joined in July 2018 and have since then been an active member of the Fit4Mom village.

I love being a part of theFIT4MOM village because we always have great outdoor workouts and activities together. I can share my concerns, get help and receive lots of support from other mothers. FIT4MOM is for me the best village because of all the amazing women that care deeply about their children and their community, share great ideas and want to stay fit.