Mama of Month - Julie L

A few days late but meet our January mama of the month Julie L! She attends class mostly over at our Perimeter location and this mama always gives it her all! Here is her story:

“I grew up in Charlotte and went to UNC-Chapel Hill for my nursing degree. After college I spent a few years in Texas, then moved to Atlanta 15 years ago. I worked as an ICU nurse and then got my master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. My husband Michael and I got married in 2016. Our daughter Sophie was born on Christmas in 2017. Sophie is now 2 and I work part time as a nurse practitioner at Emory University Hospital.

In mid-December right before Sophie was born we were at a neighborhood holiday party and I began talking with Kate Heckrote (a Fit4Mom instructor). She told me about the group and it sounded like a good way to meet other moms. The first 3 months after Sophie was born were tough. As a new mom I really struggled in the beginning. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing! That was also a very cold winter, so we didn’t take her out much and I was feeling very isolated. In April 2018 it was time to start getting out. Of course I wanted to procrastinate, but my husband insisted I get started with the group Kate had been talking about. I was nervous at first and not sure what to expect, but everyone was so welcoming. It was comforting to be around other women who were struggling to figure out this mom thing just like me. I instantly felt like I had friends who really understood. What impressed me most was that it’s not just a class that you take, it’s so much more. Sophie and I love going on the Wednesday field trips, and mom’s night out is always fun. We’ve met so many wonderful mamas. I’ve always been an active person and I love getting to work out with this great group of women while Sophie is right there with me. I’m so glad I found Fit4Mom.”