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Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Linsin

We're excited to start a new monthly ritual - Instructor Spotlight! If you're one of our FIT4MOM members, you know we have an AMAZING group of instructors (and playgroup captains too!) We'd like to help you get to know them better - especially the ones who may teach at locations you don't normally make it to! We're kicking it off this month with the fabulous Sarah Linsin. She's our newest instructor! She started teaching Stroller Strides right as we transitioned to virtual classes in the spring, so she knows how to think on her toes! Sarah is full of spunk and teaches an awesome class. And we love to see her sweet boy Caelan running around after class. Learn more about Sarah below!

For how long have you been an instructor? 7 months.

Which FIT4MOM classes do you teach and where? Stroller Strides at Alpharetta & Perimeter

What is your most favorite exercise? Burpees!!

Tell us about your family! I am a single Mama with one amazing son, Caelan (2.5).

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert. I was a bartender for over 10 years and have continued in retail and restaurants so feel I could literally talk to a wall if I had to (some days I do lately lol)

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us! I have broken over 8 bones in my body, including my back.

What's your most favorite food? Greek or Mediterranean.. give me all of the feta and tzatziki!

How did you find FIT4MOM? I joined a neighborhood playgroup Facebook group and someone posted a flyer with class times at Avalon so I signed up immediately.

What's your favorite thing about being a FIT4MOM Instructor? It is just great to be able to give back to a group of women and a community that provided so much for me as a first time Mom struggling to find her rhythm.

What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood means keeping my cup full so that I can pour more and more into my child’s cup when he needs it. I have found a deeper meaning in taking care of myself so that I can share my best self with my son. Every day is an unexpected adventure full of surprises! The good days certainly outweigh the tough moments and I am grateful for balance, allowing my son to bring me back to the present moment with him as he discovers the word around him.


Check back monthly to meet more of our fabulous instructor team. Stay strong, mama!