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How can you prepare your little kids to meet characters?

Summer fun is still in full swing! Between family vacations and birthday parties, there is still so much for you and your kids to look forward to! Maybe you’re counting down the days to the big Disney World trip; maybe you’re marking your calendars for a neighborhood gathering, special birthday party or community event– you and your kids are getting so excited to make memories with Mickey, Elmo, Queen Elsa, Spiderman, and all their favorites! You’re imagining all the special memories you'll make and the priceless photo opportunities that come with these fun events. However, if this is one of your child’s first experience meeting some of these mascots and characters, it may be overwhelming or even frightening for them!

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As the owners of Lookalikes and Characters Entertainment, we have had plenty of experience at events helping children enjoy the company of our fun characters! We know that it is completely normal at this young age to have some apprehension or fear of our characters, and we are here to offer some help! If you have a trip to a theme park coming up, or a birthday party where you can expect mascots or characters, here are our three favorite pointers to help your child have a great time with his or her favorites!


1) Prepare your child for what he or she will see! Watch some YouTube videos of character visits; watch some Disney movies; talk to your child about the characters and what they might look like in real life. If it is a theme birthday party with a character invited, tell your child about the character that will be there. Maybe read the story to them about this character. You might peak their interest!


2) Give your child control of the experience. Let him or her decide if they want to meet the character at all, or let him or her decide if they want to watch from a distance at first. Make a plan with your child ahead of time and even plan an exit strategy if needed!


3) Don’t force your child to approach a character before he or she is ready. Be patient with your child and allow them to come closer as he or she is ready. Often at our parties, children will wait about halfway through the party, and see how much fun the other kids are having with our characters before approaching. Our characters often will gently engage children by saying things like, “I love your sparkly shoes!” or “Would you like to come dance with us, or play this fun game?” This allows the child to respond as he or she is ready.


Visiting mascots and characters is one way to let your child’s imagination and favorite movies, books, and shows come to life! We love making your children smile and love helping your family make incredible memories. But just like any new experience, it can certainly be overwhelming for your young kiddos. But by preparing your child, giving him or her control, and being patient, you can help your child have the best time of their lives! Happy summer, and happy memory-making!

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