F4M Field trips_ Lifetime Fitness

Wednesdays are for fun here at #Fit4momRoswellAlpharettaPerimeter! Once a week we have a playdate somewhere local to our village – sometimes we go big down to the Atlanta Zoo and sometimes we take things small to a local park! Join us every week as we discuss our field trips!

This week let’s talk about one of our favorite, it’s our indoor swimming field trip at Lifetime Fitness in Woodstock, GA. We are so lucky to have one of our moms in our village work at Lifetime Fitness as a Fitness Instructor, so they are always more than generous to have our crew come in!

The building is absolutely beautiful and we love having the family dressing rooms attached right to the pool (I mean let’s be honest, the easier the better with the kids) All you need to bring is your swimsuit, your kiddo/s swimsuit and a swim diaper and cover!

The pool is perfect for littles of all ages! There is a shoreline entry that even the littlest of friends can sit and splash. There are several different floatation devices available for those littles who are learning to swim!

After swimming, many of our mamas and kiddos enjoyed some lunch and snacks in the café right outside of the pool!

Interested in joining us for a future playdate?! Let us know...your village is waiting for ya mama!

Lifetime Fitness Woodstock: https://www.lifetime.life/life-time-locations/ga-woodstock.html