F4M Field trips_ American Girl Bistro

Wednesdays are for fun here at #Fit4momRoswellAlpharettaPerimeter! Once a week we have a playdate somewhere local to our village – sometimes we go big down to the Atlanta Zoo and sometimes we take things small to a local park! Join us every week as we discuss our field trips!

This week let’s talk about a new trip for our village, American Girl Bistro. We gathered all the grown-up kids at heart, our little ones and their “Bitty” friends and had lunch and dessert at the American Girl Bistro. Oh what fun it was! The American Girl Bistro was such an awesome experience for moms and kiddos both.

After class, we headed down a little early to browse in the American Girl dolls and accessory until the bistro opened at 12. Most of our kids brought their own dolls and stuffed animals, but incase you forget, no worries! They are plenty of dolls on hand, so no one feels left out! The kids (and moms) all sat down to enjoy a *kid friendly* menu. Boys, girls, babies and all friends will have a great time on this field trip and mom will maybe even get to enjoy a hot, yummy lunch!

You can check out the menu options: https://www.americangirl.com/content/dam/ag-dam/ag-global-dam/parent-site-dam/retail-dam/en-us/docs/atlanta-menus/Bistro_ATL_LunchDinner_Fall__2019.pdf