Creative Play Ideas - Ice Painting

Our Playgroup Captains come up with some of the coolest Creative Play activities for Our Village. Sometimes it is a craft, like the time we made snowmen in a water bottle; sometimes it’s themed, like our beach/water party at Roswell (we played in the Volleyball Sand and had a water sprinkler going); and sometimes It’s sensory, like ice painting.

Here is how to set up for ice painting:


Step 1: Set out your materials

- Water

- Sugarless Koolaid

- Ice Cube Tray

- Wooden sticks

- Plastic Wrap

- Stirrer

- Gloves (optional)


Step 2: Mix the Koolaid

If you want to get your toddler to help, this would be a good time to get them involved. It requires pouring the mix into the water and stirring. My daughter loved watching the water change colors. We chatted about how and why it changed to the color it did.


Step 3: Pour the Koolaid into the ice cube tray

I’d recommend doing this part as the parent, to minimize spillage and stainage. I don’t know if you all remember from your childhood days, but we would drink the koolaid then stick out our tongues…our tongues would be brightly colored reds and blues and purples and greens. This is why koolaid works so well for ice painting.


Step 4: Cover the ice cube tray with plastic wrap and stick the sticks through the plastic wrap.

The plastic wrap helps hold the wooden sticks upright while the ice is freezing. Here’s a helpful hint. I know we, as moms, mostly need coffee about 90% of the time and most of us have the Starbucks app on our phones. Next time, run into the store to get your coffee and grab a bunch of those wooden stirrers they have for mixing your cream & sugar into black coffee (who gets that stuff anyway? LOL). Use those for this step! You might want to break them in half to make the sticks balanced enough to stand straight up and down.


Step 5: Freeze

  • IMG_0154.JPG
  • fullsizeoutput_7ee8.jpeg
  • IMG_5233.JPG
  • fullsizeoutput_7eea.jpeg
  • IMG_5236.JPG

Step 6: Pull the koolaid cubes out of the ice cube tray and “paint”!

Make sure to wear old clothes or a smock…it gets messy and it does stain. But it’s a lot of fun in these hot summer days because the ice melts as soon as it touches the heat and makes it easy to paint.

Enjoy! Tag us in pictures of you and your little ones ice painting with our handle @FIT4MOMRoswell on Facebook and @FIT4MOM_Roswell_Alpharetta on Instagram or #F4MCreativePlay. We cant wait to see your creations!