Body Back Journey Week 8

WE DID IT!!!!!! These ladies this transformation session were BAD mamma jammas! Killed. It. For everything I lacked this session due to personal travel and husband’s travel, they brought ten fold for me! I’m so proud of all their accomplishments, not only in pounds and inches, but in self growth and self love. THAT is what Fit4Mom is all about, my friends.

I’ve given you my big results. You KNOW this Body Back program works if you want it to work. So I thought I would share one last time what else you get when you decide to join this KILLER group of mamas.

You get:

  1. a tribe. The best dang tribe out there. There is nothing like a Fit4Mom sweat sister to keep you on the right track physically, but to also give you moments in time to be emotional and feel okay about it. To then pick you up from that emotional state and give you whatever you need-homemade meals for your family, a night out with a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a babysitter for your littles, just a listening ear. Loneliness and social isolation are nothing to underestimate, especially postpartum. I promise you this tribe is something special.

  2. renewed energy. You can FEEL the rush of endorphins during and after the workouts, which set the tone for the remainder of the day. I know I’ve dodged several battles after a good workout because I have that extra ounce of patience needed. Exercise also allows for improved sleep, which in turn, results in more energy. What mama is going to say no to better sleep?

  3. your time. Those two hours every week will be everything. You will crank up the ADULT music (or podcast) in your car every single time. You will feel your body changing on your way to and from the workouts. You will be making time for YOU.

  4. a more intimate look at your true beauty. You may be asked to think about beauty in a way that is not consistent with modern day society’s “expectations” and you will find that is incredibly freeing. You will view yourself in a new way and learn to love so many new things about yourself. You will learn how to love yourself. Because how do you teach those little ones in your life how to love themselves if you don’t know how?

  5. your body. I debated putting this on the list because, DUH! It’s called BODY Back for a reason, right? Obviously. But I want you to know that you are so much more than inches and pounds and there is so much more to be gained by this program than just inches and pounds lost. But let’s not just sweep it under the rug, because who doesn’t wanna look hella good in that LBD? Maybe with “body”, we can say “confidence”!

  6. sense of self. I saved this one for last because I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH. I needed it more than I thought I needed it and I thought I really needed it. I know I’ve said it before, but I needed to find “Jeannie” again. My real, true, pre-baby self. I needed to know that I still existed and I had worth and value and passions and dreams and drive and so much more than a bag full of snacks (can I get an ‘Amen’?). And I did. I found it all. And more.

During the holiday season we often lose sight of ourselves. We are stressed with cleaning the house for the visitors, fretting over the meals we need to make, worrying about playing the perfect hostess, trying to keep everyone happy, wondering if we bought the right gifts, stretching ourselves thin just to appear that we have all our stuff together. This holiday, I challenge each of you to focus on G-I-V-I-N-G back to yourselves. Our Body Back Holiday Hustle session starts this coming Monday, November 11th and it is the perfect way to focus on yourself during this crazy time! We are going to focus on being GROUNDED. Setting an INTENTION for the holidays. Celebrating the VICTORIES. Feeling INCLUDED in the Body Back Community when the holidays get overwhelming. NOURISHING our bodies and minds during this crazy season. And lastly, feeling GRATEFUL for the year we had and GRATEFUL for the year to come. I’ve heard through the grapevine there are TWO spots left. Run, don’t walk, AND JOIN US!!! (Secret is out, Physical Therapist Jeannie is turning in her credentials to now be Body Back Instructor Jeannie! Bow chicka bow bow!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you for following me on this journey and allowing me to be human. Please remember, you are beautiful. You are strong. And you are valued.

Hope to see y’all soon!