Body Back Journey Week 6


WHEW! I tell you what, I’m getting this blog out an entire day late and y’all know me at this point and know about my expectations for myself and yada yada, but #momlife. Can I get an “amen”? Between jet lag and my kids loving on me SO SO hard since we got back (which is so freaking amazing and cute and I just want to eat their little faces), I feel like I’m digging myself out of the trenches. Yikes! But, this post is perfectly unplanned for my current situation. I wanted to highlight our Body Back instructors because they are literally digging each of us out of the trenches in one way or another every day/week/month/session and they FRICKING ROCK at it!

Lindsey and Liz are the two Body Back instructors for our village, along with Nicole, the nutritionist (whom I’ve already introduced in my nutrition post and view as a saint for continuing to exude an abundance of positivity after having Rice Krispie treats in my food log for 6 weeks in a row in past sessions-just keepin’ it real y’all). They are moms. They are wives. They are fitness instructors. And they are non-pom pom carrying cheerleaders. For every last woman in the session. They are oozing out positivity and humor and greatness at every single workout, be it at 5:30AM with no coffee yet or 8:30PM after “momming” all darn day. Their upbeat energy is contagious and makes it so easy to get in to the workout. Their motivational way of pushing you during the workout makes you think that you actually can do ONE MORE Tabata of mountain climbers, even though your mind and shoulders are telling you (and them) that you’re way past crazy! The delicateness of their voices during the meditation at the end of the workout solidifies how proud they are of each person that showed up that day and how deserving they feel each of us is to have those few minutes to lie there with ourselves and our thoughts.

Not only are they pushing us to improve physically during the workouts, but the constant communication within the private Facebook group is pushing us to strive to be better HUMANS. And the world needs more “better humans”. Daily questions to get us thinking about ourselves and our lives on a deeper level, reminding us to be thankful that the sun peeked through the clouds for a hot minute on an otherwise challenging day, posting articles about momming and how dang hard it is-you name it, they’re on it. I will 100% confidently own that I am a better human today compared to one year ago because of them. Because they challenged me in ways that I was unable (and likely unwilling) to challenge myself. They made me think about things I didn’t want to have to think about therefore, make changes based on those thoughts. Such as, “Are you proud of the way you’re living your life today? Are you living your life the way you want your kids to live their lives?” That is such a DEEP question. That could be viewed physically (are you exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc.), spiritually (if you believe in a higher power, are you living a life that shows that to your kids and others around you), emotionally (are you anxious and distracted and unable to live your life with intention), and in so many other ways! It’s a question I may have superficially asked myself in the past, but never truly took the time to digest.

I can feel their energy at the end of each session and based on that, you would think that each of them has lost 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes EVERY SINGLE SESSION. They are beyond jazzed by the collective results of the group and so so proud of each woman for choosing HERSELF for eight weeks. They give of their time and their talents, and I’m sure they would say, “yeah, but this is my job”, which is partially true, but they also give out of their own buckets in a multitude of other ways. And we, as moms, know how hard it is to fill up our own buckets.

So, thank you for showing up every single day for each of us no matter what you have going on in your own personal lives and being willing to empty your own buckets to make sure ours don’t run out. You’re truly creating better humans.