Body Back Journey Week 6

Show of hands of those mamas that eat half the bag of grapes while cleaning them? ‍‍Hi, we could be friends! (That has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but definitely happened tonight!)

I wanted to do a full “check in” near the middle of the session with updated measurements, weight, goals, etc., but since I was out of town for two weeks in the middle of the session, it sort of threw that plan out the window. Given we only have TWO WEEKS LEFT (can you believe it?), I figured I would save the weight and measurement updates for the end and do a goals check in now.

As a reminder, my goals for this session were/are:

  1. I will drink at least 75 ounces of water daily (I have set this goal every Body Back session I’ve done and I’ve failed miserably every. single. time., BUT NOT THIS TIME)

  2. I will stretch for at least 10 minutes daily.

  3. I will eat out no more than one time per week.

  4. I will not miss any workouts (in person or on my own).

  5. I will watch at least one episode of Schitt’s Creek per day. (Okay, maybe not a real goal, but I feel like ‘laughter being the best medicine’ is also related to overall health and well being, right?)

  6. (Bonus goal: I will lose at least 5 pounds during this 8 week session.)

In review:

  1. I was doing SO good about this before going on our trip. It was by far the best I’ve done with my water goal compared to previous sessions. I would have to look back at my log, but I’m fairly confident I got 75 ounces every single day...until we left. I would give myself a solid “C” while on vacation. I was definitely not getting 75 ounces in, and really should have been since I was still working out and we were doing additional hiking and other activities, but I was also drinking fruity umbrella drinks by the pool, which satisfied my thirst, so I just didn’t get in as much as I should have. I jumped back on the wagon when I got back though and had a good week this past week.

  2. This one has not gone as well as above. I am absolutely stretching more consistently than I ever have in my life, but it isn’t daily, unfortunately. I listen to a couple of parenting podcasts and I’ve decided that I need to attach this activity to an activity that is already part of our daily routine. I make the same breakfast everyday because I love it so so much, so I’m thinking that starting this week I might try doing my stretches during the 10 minutes of making my breakfast. Only 2ish minutes are hands on, so I could get most of it finished during that time and then finish while it’s cooling off? That’s my current thought.

  3. Winning at this one (outside of our vacation where we had to eat out for every meal)! I must admit that my meal planning has been pretty darn good since the first session of Body Back. I got in to a new routine and have really stuck with it. Even during weeks like this past week where we had just gotten back into town and I hadn’t made a trip to the grocery yet, my house is generally just stocked with good stuff that I can easily fill a meal plan on the fly since our habits have changed.

  4. Winning at this one, even while on vacation! I will admit that what I have planned to do is not always what gets done, but I have always somehow changed my schedule around to make sure everything gets in. For example, I was planning to go to Body Back Saturday morning this past weekend, but my husband didn’t get home early enough on Friday night for me to get my long training run in, so I had to move that to Saturday morning, so I had to do an extra HIIT workout at home to make up for not making it to that class. But I did it and it was totally fine and I made it work!

  5. This one was kind of a joke, but also not really! I think having our trip in the middle of the session was good for this one because it gave me so much time to just chill and watch shows on my phone and read books and do things for me that made me happy and smile and laugh! Outside of the trip, I would say that I was below average at this. Part of it was the lead up to the trip and getting everything ready for myself, but also for the kids since we were having people come stay here with them, I was trying to make their lives as easy as possible. Then once getting back, there is laundry upon laundry upon laundry and grocery shopping and blah blah. And jet lag. So, again, below average at this one and I’m glad I checked back in on my goals now because this is going to be a focus for me for the next two weeks.

  6. Prior to leaving for our trip I was down 4 pounds! I haven’t been able to weigh myself on the same scale I usually do my actual comparisons on, so I’m not sure where I’m at now, but I was really happy with being down 4 pounds after the first 3 weeks!

So, that’s that! Clearly I have some more work to do and areas to focus on for the remaining weeks, but that’s life! We all have areas of strengths and areas of weakness and we’re not becoming better humans unless we’re able to see those areas of weakness and push forward to work on those things!

Fun post to come next week with a guest blogger, so don’t forget to check back in then!