Body Back Journey Week 3

August 2018 - I attended maybe one Fit4Mom class per week and did no other meaningful exercise outside of that.

August 2019 - I am doing my 4th Body Back session (2-3 workouts per week), training for a half marathon (3 runs per week), and playing on a neighborhood tennis team (1 practice and 1 match per week).

I say that not because I think everyone is going to be running marathons and becoming the next Serena Williams when they’re finished with Body Back (because LAWD there can only be so many catsuits on a tennis court at any one given time), but to show you yet again how completely transformational this program is/can be. Body Back was my jump start into the life I knew I wanted, but couldn’t quite find the motivation/time/energy to get to on my own.

I played tennis in college, so I’ve been around the block a time or two with working out. I’m also a physical therapist (well I was; not currently working since I’m staying at home with my two rugrats for the time being), so I know a thing or two about this domain. But you know what else I am? A mom who couldn’t prioritize exercise because there was never enough time in the day for ME. Obviously I knew better. I preached the importance of it every darn day. But between nap times for two kids, speech therapy appointments for my older son at one point, their other classes and activities, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking….why am I writing all of this out? YOU GET IT!!! Because you live it too (whether you work inside or outside the home); I just could never figure out what would have to go in order for me to get that workout in.

Enter Body Back. Did I want to get up at 5:30AM on Monday mornings to work out? Heck to the no. I’m a morning person, but I’m not THAT much of a morning person. Do you have an entire day to sit down so I can list all of the reasons why that has become my ABSOLUTE favorite workout each week? Is it my favorite when my alarm goes off? 100% NO! But when that workout is finished and I don’t have to think about when I’m going to get my workout in the rest of the day, or I get home and have an hour before anyone else in my house wakes up and I can get my week started off on the right foot, it is the absolute BEST feeling! Not a morning person? Cool, come on Wednesday nights when your significant other can be home with the kids. You don’t have to tell them when the workout is over. Run to Target after. “Sorry babe, the workout ran long tonight, man I’m gonna be sore tomorrow”. If you stay home and your kids are in school or you work from home and can sneak away for a workout over lunch, come on Thursdays! Mental break from the other, normal chaos of your day is perfect. Or start your weekend with a workout on Saturday morning. It’s the perfect way to take some you time before the t-ball and soccer games start.

Each workout is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. That means YOUR high intensity. Not the person next to you or the person you were yesterday or the workout before, YOUR intensity on each given day you show up. We get it. Any given day can bring any number of challenges. So first, just show up. Then, give it the absolute best you can on that given day. One of the best things about these workouts is that no exercise is done for more than one minute at any given time. So if you REALLY dislike a certain exercise, you’ll be done with it in no time! It’s one of my favorite parts! Because let’s be real, there are at least a dozen exercises that are NOT my favorite and I internally (or maybe externally as well) roll my eyes when I see them on the white board at the beginning of the workout. I’ve also never done the same workout twice….in a year! It is constantly changing, evolving as the session progresses, and additional challenges are given so that the workout meets you where you are, whether you’re a competition athlete or a mom of 4 that has never done a HIIT workout in her life. (If you’re not familiar with HIIT workouts, they are amazing at getting your heart rate up and efficiently burning fat, as well as increasing your resting metabolism, so you’re burning a much higher amount of calories at rest than you were before. Game. Changer. Burning off calories while watching Friends...yes, please!)

My husband and I are not super lovey dovey kind of people at all. And he HATES cards. Despises them, actually. As I mentioned in my previous blog, last Friday was my birthday and I woke up to a card (which was the first wow) and then a beautiful message on the inside (double wow). What I’m including below is a direct quote from his message to me inside the card, which I think speaks VOLUMES to the Body Back program.

“This year has been especially incredible as I think you’ve grown more in this year than any other since we’ve been married. I’m so proud of you.”

Thank you, Body Back. For helping me to grow infinitely more over this past year than I ever have before (so much in fact, that my husband actually bought me a birthday card). ;)