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Body Back Journey Week 2

“As many of you know, I workout so I can continue eating, not to lose weight! :) For the next 6 months my motivation is baguettes and waffles!”

That right there, friends, is a direct quote from a previous blog I had while my husband and I were living in Belgium about 7 years ago. There is NO denying the fact with that in writing that I had no control over food in my life and absolutely looked at it as something I could indulge in, as long as I was going to make time that week (or month, or year, or…..???) to make up for it. And how many of you feel the exact same way?

I know you’ve tried one of those recipes you’ve seen on social media that everyone is RAVING about being oh so healthy AND oh so good. I also know you threw over half of it out because your significant other and kids looked at you like you had three heads and then demanded macaroni and cheese. I mean, you win some you lose some. Maybe chocolate pudding should just never be made out of avocados? I don’t know.

How many of you make deliciously balanced meals for your children (that they may or may not eat) or hide an obscene amount of veggies in a beautiful little muffin for them, but then find yourself ordering Uber Eats or digging in to a bag of potato chips at 9:00PM after everyone is in bed because you haven’t eaten anything yourself? **I’m 100% raising my hand on this one** If we care so much about what we put in the bodies of our tiny humans, why don’t we care about what we’re putting in OUR bodies?

The nutrition component of Body Back was the thing I was most scared of (terrified may even be a better word for it). I was fairly confident I was going to be starving myself for eight weeks, therefore making me terribly irritable, and if I wasn’t starving myself, I was for sure going to be eating nasty “health food”, which would make me just as irritable. I warned my husband no less than a dozen times and reminded him it was only eight weeks. Please don’t divorce me. I swear I’ll go to Five Guys with you in a few short weeks.

Guess what? I wasn’t starving (at any point) and I was eating food that tasted super yummy (I won’t lie to you, there were a couple that were never going to make it back to our dinner table, but that was rare)!! I now have a plethora of healthy recipes that I PROMISE are also tasty. This is food that my husband and kids eat and LIKE (I know you don’t know my husband, but if you did, you would know that means A LOT)! It’s all real, whole food. There is nothing extra you have to buy or meals you have to substitute out; you’re just eating real food.

Possibly more important than taste to me though was TIME. I have nearly zero minutes to make dinner. And I can’t imagine I’m alone here, right? Someone is pulling on your pant leg, someone else is whining “hold me”, someone else can’t find the diaper for the baby doll, someone then has to poop and can’t wipe themselves...EVERYTHING happens while I’m making dinner. It’s truly magical. Nothing I’ve ever made from the Body Back Recipe Book took me more than MAYBE 30 minutes (and that’s probably on the long side). This is a good time to note though, that my overall habits around eating have most definitely changed, which have helped free up time during the week. I meal plan each week and prep on the weekends. This time spent is invaluable and has allowed me to be successful. I cannot stress the importance of this piece enough. It was always something I had thought about in the past, something I had read in other blogs or articles, etc., but I just never made time for it. My life is so much easier and less stressful when I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner every night and check which ingredients I do and don’t have. It’s all done at the beginning of the week.

Given how completely terrified I was of the nutrition component of Body Back, it was probably the most fulfilling part of the experience for me. I knew I could work out, but I had no idea how much control I could have over the food I ate while being COMPLETELY satisfied and happy with what I was eating. I learned SO much from Nicole, the nutritionist who works with all of the Body Back participants. At the beginning of the session she does a Facebook Live Q&A and answers any and all questions or concerns you might have. Then throughout the session, she reads through your weekly food logs and provides comments/suggestions/praise on what she’s seeing. She offered me super easy and simple changes that could be implemented immediately and just gave me more bang for my buck. And y’all, she is the least judgmental person in the world. She has seen it all before, so you are not going to surprise her with anything you’re eating/doing. PROMISE!

I also think it’s important to circle back to my quote that opened this blog and say that I no longer think twice about indulging in something that is going to make me happy and I feel guilty for 0 seconds. The equivalent work out time doesn’t cross my mind. I know my next meal or the next day or the next week (I mean, we all go on vacation, right?) is going to be back on track. There is no thought of permanently “falling off the wagon” just because I had a meal that I wouldn’t have every day because I have a new lifestyle now. Guess what I had Friday night? Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and garlic green beans with a beer and two glasses of wine. It was my birthday and I went out with friends and I ENJOYED myself! Sorry I’m not sorry! (And yes I put all of that on my weekly food log and you know what I bet Nicole is going to say to me? “Happy Birthday Jeannie! I hope you had a great day!”)

So, mama that has tried every “I swear this tastes SO good and it’s SO healthy” recipe which has backfired and mama that puts her kids meals ahead of her own, let’s put YOU first! SHOW your kids that you love eating healthy food and they will want to eat healthy food too (they want to be JUST LIKE YOU). SHOW your kids that your health is important to you and their health will start to be important to them too. And gosh darn (that’s my PG version), SHOW yourself that YOU are worthy of eating the best fuel for your body, allowing yourself to wake up and feel energized and ready to tackle the world! Those little eyes that look up at you every day think you are the absolute best thing in the world. And you are. So let’s make sure you feel like it.