Body Back Journey Week 1

10 pounds lost.

7 total inches lost (down a pant size).

1 minute shaved off my mile time.

Countless extra squats, bicep curls, and push ups done in one minute, as well as minutes added to my prone and side planks.

These are my results after my first 8 week Body Back session.

24 pounds lost.

18.75 total inches lost (down two pant sizes).

2 minutes 5 seconds shaved off my mile time.

Countless extra squats, bicep curls, and push ups done in one minute, as well as minutes added to my prone and side planks.

These are my results after my third 8 week Body Back session.

At the beginning of each 8 week Body Back session we have one day of introduction/assessments (which was yesterday for this session!). You get to meet the other women who you’ll be sharing this journey with (maybe if you’re a total basket case like me you ask someone/anyone to be your friend) and go over each person’s goals for the session. This journey is for and about you. Your goals are yours. The one common underlying goal for everyone though is change. We want to be better for us and we want to be better for our families.

My goals for this session are:

  1. I will drink at least 75 ounces of water daily (I have set this goal every Body Back session I’ve done and I’ve failed miserably every. single. time., BUT NOT THIS TIME)

  2. I will stretch for at least 10 minutes daily.

  3. I will eat out no more than one time per week.

  4. I will not miss any workouts (in person or on my own).

  5. I will watch at least one episode of Schitt’s Creek per day. (Okay, maybe not a real goal, but I feel like ‘laughter being the best medicine’ is also related to overall health and well being, right?)

  6. (Bonus goal: I will lose at least 5 pounds during this 8 week session.)

My goals have most definitely changed throughout the Body Back sessions I’ve done. I think we can all agree that additional inches and pounds lost are (usually) not a bad thing, so always welcome, but my focus has shifted towards overall health and wellness and not so much on pounds and inches. I want to be strong. I want to be healthy. And I want to be a shining example to my children of what “healthy and confident” looks like. (I mean, does it get any cuter than your kids yelling, “Go Mommy Go” while you’re doing a Fit4Mom workout and then singing the “Smile Stretch Song” at home?! Excuse me while my heart melts.)

There is a non-physical component and a physical component of the assessment. All information collected at the beginning of the session is also collected at the end of the session, as this is a results based program. The non-physical component consists of checking height and weight and taking some circumference measurements. We also take our “before” pictures on this day. And let me tell you, Lindsey and Liz (the two Body Back instructors) asked us to wear “form fitting” clothing and guuurrlll….I felt like a stuffed sausage at my first assessment! I think I chose the tightest top I could physically get myself into. And it was orange. No wonder I was teary eyed. The physical component consists of a mile run, bicep curls, squats, push ups, and prone/side planks. Can’t run a mile? Walk. Can’t hold a plank? Do it on your knees. Can’t imagine wearing the tightest orange top you can find? Yeah, me neither (WHAT was I thinking?)!

My first assessment day was fairly intimidating. At that point I really had no idea what to expect. As referenced earlier, I knew no one. And I was certainly not in good shape. My youngest was 11 months at the time and I had attended a couple of other Fit4Mom classes shortly after moving here, but my attendance wasn’t consistent and I wasn’t doing anything outside of that on my own other than glancing at our Peloton in our basement when I went down to get a bottle of wine (can I get an “Amen”?). But guess what? No one cared! Do you know what they did care about? The fact that I showed up.

They gave me permission to put myself first for 8 weeks. Pardon me, what? Me FIRST? Yes, mamas. YOU! I know you. You give and give and give and go to bed completely empty and exhausted. Day after day after day. You give up so much so everyone else can have so much. They reminded me that ends today. As of Body Back Assessment Day, you have something for you. You have numbers to be motivated by. You have goals to push for. You have instructors pushing you past where you ever thought you could go. And you have a community of AWESOME FRICKING MAMAS to laugh, cry, and sweat with (and maybe sometimes curse with too).

Cheers (with water, of course-I’ve got goals to meet) to the next 8 weeks! HERE WE GO!