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Who is ready for the weekend?! Sunshine is in our forecast!! Grab those coats and let’s get outside with your friends and family and have some fun! There are lots fun activities (excited about all these Holiday activities) going on around Atlanta- let’s find something fun to do!


Storytelling Saturdays @ The Wrens Nest – Atlanta (all ages) Saturday FREE with Admission...


It’s that time again to celebrate our Mama of the Month at Fit4mom RAP! This month our mama of the month is Samantha H. She attends class mostly over at Roswell and yall this mom of three is just plain amazing! Next time you see her- give her a big high five! Here is her story:

Hey all, I am Samantha, wife to Mark and mama to Declan, 4; Gemma, 2 1/2; and Winnie, 15 months. I was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, until...


WE DID IT!!!!!! These ladies this transformation session were BAD mamma jammas! Killed. It. For everything I lacked this session due to personal travel and husband’s travel, they brought ten fold for me! I’m so proud of all their accomplishments, not only in pounds and inches, but in self growth and self love. THAT is what Fit4Mom is all about, my friends.

I’ve given you my big results. You KNOW this Body Back...


This week, you’re in for a real treat. I am Nick, Jeannie’s husband. Jeannie turned the keys to the blog over to me this week to provide a bit of a different perspective on Body Back.

So, before we get into it, a couple public service announcements:

PSA #1 - I’ve frequently told people that one of my biggest accomplishments was marrying up. Jeannie is better than me on most...


Show of hands of those mamas that eat half the bag of grapes while cleaning them? ‍‍Hi, we could be friends! (That has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but definitely happened tonight!)

I wanted to do a full “check in” near the middle of the session with updated measurements, weight, goals, etc., but since I was out of town for two weeks in the middle of the session, it sort of threw that plan out the...


Don’t let the rain keep you from getting out this weekend- There are so many fun activities going on around Atlanta this weekend- inside and outside. Grab with your friends and family and let’s have some fun!


Storytelling Saturdays @ The Wrens Nest – Atlanta (all ages) Saturday FREE with Admission www.wrensnest.org The Wrens Nest is an historical...



WHEW! I tell you what, I’m getting this blog out an entire day late and y’all know me at this point and know about my expectations for myself and yada yada, but #momlife. Can I get an “amen”? Between jet lag and my kids loving on me SO SO hard since we got back (which is so freaking amazing and cute and I just want to eat their little faces), I feel like I’m digging myself out of the trenches....


Don’t let the chance of some rain stop you from making some fun family memories this weekend- there are so many activities going on around Atlanta this weekend- What are some of your family’s plans?


Piedmont Park Green Market – Atlanta (all ages) FREE Saturday www.piedmontpark.org/green-market Enjoy local farmers and artisan goods....



We’re officially at the halfway mark of this Body Back session and I’m celebrating in Hawaii! And let me tell ya, if there’s anything good for your soul, it’s some relaxing time away! My husband and I decided to get away for TWO weeks, just the two of us, and we are having such a blast! We just FaceTimed the kids and they’re having an equally good time with Grandma and Grandpa that came to stay with them...


Fall is in full swing in Atlanta- beautiful weather, beautiful trees and lots of local festivals! There are so many fun activities going on around Atlanta this weekend- inside and outside. Get outside with your friends and family and let’s have some fun!


Oakhurst Porchfest- Oakhurst Neighborhood- Decature (all ages) FREE Saturday...


Growing up I was “too cool for school” when it came to Halloween costumes. If I had to dress up, I’d always try to think of something where I could wear normal clothes and maybe throw on a mask or carry a prop to emulate the character I was “not trying” to be.

Now that I have children, I am the complete opposite. I love dressing up and I love doing family costumes! Starting last year, we have really gotten into it. But coming up...


Where my competitive mamas at?!?! **Raising my hand so high I may have torn my rotator cuff**

After I decided to stay home with my first borne, I often felt empty. I remember so many conversations with my husband trying to explain how I felt like I had nothing to work for anymore. Of course he would tell me that I was doing amazing work and I had so much to work for by raising our child, and I knew that was true,...


It’s been dreadfully hot this week here in Atlanta, but it looks like cooler temperatures are in our future for the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and fall weather outside with the fam! Grab those kiddos and let’s find something fun to do!

What are some of your family’s plans this weekend?


Piedmont Park Green Market – Atlanta (all ages) FREE Saturday...


August 2018 - I attended maybe one Fit4Mom class per week and did no other meaningful exercise outside of that.

August 2019 - I am doing my 4th Body Back session (2-3 workouts per week), training for a half marathon (3 runs per week), and playing on a neighborhood tennis team (1 practice and 1 match per week).

I say that not because I think everyone is going to be running marathons and becoming the next...