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Body Back Journey Intro

I’m a normal, everyday mom who has a strong athleisure wear game and one heck of a top knot and I want you to know that wherever you are in motherhood, Body Back is right where you need to be.

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Week 1: The Goals

As of Body Back Assessment Day, you have something for you. You have numbers to be motivated by. You have goals to push for. You have instructors pushing you past where you ever thought you could go. And you have a community of AWESOME FRICKING MAMAS to laugh, cry, and sweat with (and maybe sometimes curse with too).

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Week 2: The Nutrition

Given how completely terrified I was of the nutrition component of Body Back, it was probably the most fulfilling part of the experience for me. I knew I could work out, but I had no idea how much control I could have over the food I ate while being COMPLETELY satisfied and happy with what I was eating.

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Week 3: The Classes

Each workout is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. That means YOUR high intensity. Not the person next to you or the person you were yesterday or the workout before, YOUR intensity on each given day you show up. We get it. Any given day can bring any number of challenges. So first, just show up. Then, give it the absolute best you can on that given day.

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Week 4: The Challenges

They are never challenges that take loads of time, but rather, just little things to push you a little bit further on this overall health and wellness journey. Which you then discover are very simple changes to your overall lifestyle that can have huge impacts and be part of your daily routine forever.

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Week 5: The Meditations

During one of the previous Body Back sessions I attempted to start meditating. I downloaded an app recommended by a friend and was actually committed….for one week (because girl you know that was a challenge and I had to get my points). I was doing it before bed each night and actually felt like it helped me unwind and just release everything from the day. I was definitely not good at it and my mind was still going in a hundred different places, but I still felt good about it.

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Week 6: The Instructors

I wanted to highlight our Body Back instructors because they are literally digging each of us out of the trenches in one way or another every day/week/month/session and they FRICKING ROCK at it!

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Week 6: The Check In

We all have areas of strengths and areas of weakness and we’re not becoming better humans unless we’re able to see those areas of weakness and push forward to work on those things!

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Week 7: The Husband('s perspective)

This week, you’re in for a real treat. I am Nick, Jeannie’s husband. Jeannie turned the keys to the blog over to me this week to provide a bit of a different perspective on Body Back.

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Week 8: The Results

WE DID IT!!!!!! These ladies this transformation session were BAD mamma jammas! Killed. It. For everything I lacked this session due to personal travel and husband’s travel, they brought ten fold for me! I’m so proud of all their accomplishments, not only in pounds and inches, but in self growth and self love. THAT is what Fit4Mom is all about, my friends.

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