Work Outs, Egg Hunts, Snacks, and Friendship

On Wednesdays, our village usually does a field trip or a play date. Today, all three locations had their “Spring Fling” Celebration…

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Work Outs

Our morning started off with a fabulous hour long workout at our three locations, outside in the fresh air. It was a gorgeous 60 degrees in Atlanta and because of our flexibility, our Stroller Strides® (Roswell) and Stroller Barre® (Alpharetta and Perimeter) classes took full advantage of it. There is nothing like exercising outside as your little one watches you do releves and plie squats or sprints and burpees. You know they are learning healthy living just by watching you and appreciating the outside as much as you.

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Our mamas brought healthy, fun, and creative snacks to share pot luck style. We had a fun craft for our kiddos to do while the Playgroup Captains “hid” plastic eggs for our Egg Hunts.

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Egg Hunts

There is nothing like watching a bunch of toddlers scrambling to pick up plastic colored eggs…something about that just brings me back to my childhood and the thrill of finding eggs in bushes or hiding in brush. They collected eggs and brought them back to the box where they received a prize – bubbles, squishy balls, toys.

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Our Village creates space for moms to be “moms”. They get to exercise and share healthy living with their kiddos. They get to socialize with other adults and share like experiences. They know there is someone to lean on whenever they need someone to listen or watch their kid when they have no one else. Their children form friendship with other kiddos. It’s a safe place where you can be you and there is no judgement, only camaraderie.

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