What do our instructors really think?

What do our instructors really think? I spoke with a few of our instructors. Here are their answers:

What motivated you to become an instructor?

“…I thought about how it would feel really good to help other introverted new moms feel welcomed, and give them the confidence to see what they could accomplish all while sharing with them solidarity in motherhood…I was motivated by adding exercise diversity in the classes, and helping women new to motherhood feel like they found what they needed – confidants, postpartum fitness, friends for their kids, things to do with other moms – a village!” – Jessica K.

“[FIT4MOM] changed my life after my first baby, gave me mom friends, instilled a love of fitness, gave me an hour for me and playtime for my babies every day! … I decided to become an instructor to share this wonderful experience with other new moms…I love the moms, love the babies, and love to exercise! It is the perfect job.” – Lindsey S.

What is your biggest challenge as an instructor?

“In the beginning, giving up my workout, which turned out to be fine while pregnant and early postpartum.” – Sylvia S.

“The biggest challenge was pushing my friends in class…I didn’t not want to seem intense”. – Melissa S.

What is your favorite part of being an instructor?

“I love engaging new moms and seeing new relationships form. And seeing moms push themselves and build their confidence!” – Julie G.

“Coming to class all the time!!! Being goofy. Singing silly songs. I love when I get all moms to run away and I have all the kids and we do something silly and/or cheer for their moms. I love trying to get them to crack a smile for me!” – Sylvia S.

“My favorite parts as an instructor are watching each new mom easily find friendship and watching the babies grow up and form their own friendship with each other.” – Jessica K.

“…seeing new moms fall in love with the program and start coming every day – seeing them get stronger and more confident in their bodies and watching friendships develop between the moms and the kids. Making new friends and watching the babies grow”. – Lindsey S.

“Building a community of moms you can go to for whatever.” – Melissa S.

“Seeing the moms build friendship from class. To me, our Village of moms is what sets FIT4MOM® apart from other workout programs.” – Katie L.

As with any organization there is a community within a community with in a community. FIT4MOM® is no different. Our national organization stays connected through variations of communication from monthly business updates to weekly Instructor workouts to daily social media interaction.

Our FIT4MOM® Corporate office stays involved in the day-to-day of each franchise location by pushing out educational resources, training series, technical support, FIT4MOM® apparel, and constant encouragement and motivation.

Our local franchisees also work together and support each other. If you watch our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/fit4momroswell), you will see citywide events where our franchisees team up to represent FIT4MOM® within our city. The local franchise organizations do not compete for territory and members, instead they work together to share contacts with each other and build each other up, so each village can grow.

Then there is the “local village” itself. FIT4MOM® Roswell started over 3 years ago and has been growing steadily since then. Founding mamas are still a strong part of the village and those members that have kids that have grown up and moved on are still active on our social media groups and come to activities/work outs from time to time. Our village encourages and uplifts, never judges, and is always inclusive of everyone (even dads, hah!).

There is an even smaller community within our FIT4MOM® Village. It’s the “Playgroup Captains” and “Instructors”. Our “Instructor Leader” stays on top of scheduling and pushing out the educational materials from Corporate so that we stay “in the know” for our clients. Instructors support each other and are quick to “step up” if anyone needs a sub or just a different exercise instead of the “same ‘ol same ‘ol”. And, as you read above, our instructors are amazing, dedicated, and LOVE their jobs.

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