Our Mama Stories - Stephanie R

Our Mamas are the reason why we exist. As Social Media Coordinator, Stephanie likes to share Mama Stories to give a little insight into the village. Here is her story:

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“O.k. Google, show me “Mommy and Me” groups in Atlanta, GA”

This is how I found FIT4MOM Roswell Alpharetta Perimeter. Good ‘ol trusty Google. The next step was finding the courage to walk through that door…

Honestly, this is how a lot of FIT4MOM stories start out: a lonely mom with a newborn first child, googling things to do with your kid because you certainly cant leave them now they are here, finding FIT4MOM among the thousands of results and deciding to attend a class because “the first class is FREE” and what would you be losing? The struggle to get to class is real, because not only do you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink for your kid, you have to remember your jogging stroller and your workout clothes…(No you don’t, but as a first time visitor, that is what you think.)

My first class was brutal. I pushed myself to the point of feeling like I was going to throw up…that is when the instructor said “Take this at your own pace. You know your body.” Whew, permission to take it easy. Everyone in class was amazing. To me, it seemed like they took turns slowing down their workout to make sure I had someone to workout with. After class, the instructor went over what we did and made sure I was comfortable with the class style. I signed up immediately.

FIT4MOM has given me strength and endurance. It’s given my daughter structure, peek into healthy living, and friends. This village is here to lift you up when you are down and to have fun with when you need a little fun in your life. I am thankful for their presence in my life.

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