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Most of our Mama Stories start before our Mamas begin their stories here. It starts the moment they see the positive sign. The typical response is to start reaching out to whomever they know that is a mom, their own moms, or (in the age of social media) turn to "due date groups", "second time mom groups", etc. Most of the times, all this new information can be overwhelming and lead to emotional meltdowns.


I joined Fit4Mom November 2016 after an embarrassing emotional breakdown while walking my then 9 month old daughter.

I had just moved to Atlanta, GA from Florida for my husband's job. For the first time in my adult life I had absolutely no family, no friends, and no career. To say the least, I was going through some emotional struggles.

During my walk along the river, I walked past two young mommas pushing their two young babies. They were chatting, laughing, and looking like everything I had just left back home. I began to cry, wishing I had a momma friend too. After pulling myself together, I decided to put on my big girl pants and find something, anything, to regain a sense of normalcy and support in my life.

A roommate from college had recommended Fit4Mom a few months back, but I was too shy to put myself out there at the time. I hadn't worked out since before my daughter was born, and was convinced I would be completely out of place. I couldn't have been more wrong! Not knowing the area, I was 20 minutes late to the first class and totally scatter brained. I needed to be strong for my daughter, and for my sanity, so I decided to stroll up late anyway.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I was welcomed by a friendly instructor who didn't even bat an eye at my tardiness. A few of the other mommas formed play circles with their babies after class and invited me to join. It felt so good to have adult conversation while watching my little one play with new friends.

Liliana is now 20 months and, thanks to Fit4Mom, we don't have to go through our days alone and always have friends to explore the city with.

I'm currently 5 months pregnant with baby girl number two and most days I don't have much energy. The instructors are so understanding, offer modifications to every workout, and make sure everyone is staying hydrated and comfortable.

Atlanta finally feels like home and I have the support system I need to make it through motherhood.

I am healthier physically, emotionally, and as a result, a better momma all-around for my girls.

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