Our Mama Stories - Lindsey S

Sometimes our mamas join us from other villages when they move to Atlanta. That is the best, because most of the time they already understand the "value" of a FIT4MOM Village and they can bring fun new ideas to us.

Lindsey is one of those mamas. We were fortunate she found us when she moved to Roswell. Since joining us, Lindsey has become a Stroller Strides Instructor, Stroller Barre Instructor, Body Back Instructor, and the Instructor Manager! Again, we're fortunate that she found us!

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I found Fit4Mom when my first baby was about 8 months old (she is now turning 8 years old!!). I saw a car in the grocery store parking lot with Stroller Strides window decals. I went home and googled stroller strides and found the class was meeting down the street from me and the first class was free so, why not?

My first class was a Halloween themed class that was organized like a scavenger hunt. I feel like sometimes as a new mom of an infant you feel silly going to activities and dressing up etc. with a baby who can’t really participate yet. At FIT4MOM everyone was doing it, and I felt included and my daughter and I had a great time and got a great workout! We were paired with a veteran mom who showed me the ropes and guided me around the park. At the time, I didn’t really have other mom friends and that day I met my tribe. It truly changed the course of motherhood and fitness for me.

From my first class on, I was hooked. I attended classes almost daily, participated in fun field trips and activities, and made new friends for myself and my daughter. And although the first group of kids have grown out of the stroller and moved on to elementary school, we are still friends and keep in touch. I lost the baby weight, joined running mammas and eventually did a few body back sessions as well- I was in the best shape of my life and found a love of fitness.

The group was always asking me to be an instructor, however I already had a part time job and I used Fit4Mom as MY time. I didn’t want to give that up...... However, shortly after I had my second baby my husband was transferred with work. I was devastated to leave my tribe in North Carolina but the first thing I did when we moved was to look up the local FIT4MOM group in GA. It was an easy transition and voila - I had a new tribe of awesome mamas as friends! I no longer had a “job” and after working out with this awesome team for a few months, I decided I wanted to take the plunge and become an instructor. I have not regretted it at all! I love sharing my passion for fitness and the knowledge I have gained from all the classes and wonderful instructors who have taught me!


FIT4MOM is an awesome organization that can be pivotal in the life of a brand new mom and shapes lifestyles and friendships forever! I am so proud that my girls now love fitness and even enjoy making up workouts for us to do together😊

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