I see you, Mama

I see you, Mama...

Maybe you grew up with brothers, maybe you were in a “male dominated” career, maybe you just don’t feel comfortable hanging out with women. You have been “doing motherhood” alone because you just don’t know how to find “your tribe”.

I hear you, Mama...

Motherhood can be lonely. You will always question if “you’re doing it right”. You will almost always get unsolicited advice about parenting. But where are the people when you need advice? When you are running on empty and the dishes have piled up in the sink? Where are the ones who understand you just need to rant a bit to feel better?

I get it, Mama...

I am one of those women. I grew up with brothers. I always thought of myself as a tomboy. I get uncomfortable around other women because (let’s face it) my insecurities get the better of me and I find myself comparing myself to other women. Even now, I have days where I just want to retreat to my home and hole up in the playroom with my toddler (she hates that!) because I don’t “measure up” to the moms in my tribe.

BUT I have a tribe.

The moms that I exercise with every day are “my tribe”. We are a village. I stumbled upon this group when I was at my loneliest. I needed “mom friends”. I also needed to “do something” and get out of the house. After googling, I found FIT4MOM®. I was hesitant to go to my first class. In fact, I was almost late because I had to continuously talk myself into packing up the stroller, buckling in the baby, getting in the car, getting out of the car, walking inside. Once inside and the workout began, I was hooked. These women weren’t scary. They were inviting and welcoming; encouraging and open. They were talking amongst themselves during the workout, asking questions and getting advice, ranting about the latest annoyance that only another mom could sympathize.

There are days when I still feel anxious and I have to talk myself into going to class. On those days, I remind myself what I focus on my workout and leave right at the end of class. I go though. I go for myself – for the workout, for the advice, for the extra allowance of calories at the end of the day. J I go for my daughter – so she can socialize and make friends, so she can see that hanging out with a group of women is nothing to be afraid of, so that she can see mama living a healthy lifestyle.

FIT4MOM® gives me #strengthinmotherhood by motivating me to be healthy, by giving me #mytribe and giving us #ourvillage.

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