Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

Who’s seen “Bad Moms: Christmas”?

Mila Kunis’ character Amy likens Christmas (the holidays) to the Super Bowl of all holidays. The stress to get the décor “just right”, every present on your child’s wish list or, if theyre too young for a wish list, every present you think will be loved/appreciated/used, the perfect holiday card photos and holiday cards sent out “on time”, etc…

Moms don’t usually take time to think of themselves for holidays. Even when their inlaws or husband or significant other ask them what they want for the holidays, a mom has the hardest time thinking of something for herself.

I asked our village what they, as moms, want for the holidays…before the stress of the season hits and they bury themselves in the holiday hooplah.

“A year subscriptions of “FabFitFun”! So many fun little surprises for myself all year.” – Holly T.

“Canvas prints of my children to display in our new house!”

“Id love to get a mani/pedi alone! Also, a bubble bath while reading would be heavenly.”

A personal chef that cooks all my meals everyday so I can lose all the weight I want to.”

“A subscription to a healthy meal service.” – Rachel B

“Realistically, I want framed prints from our wedding (that happened over three years ago) and some of the boys.” – Kate H.

“An hour by myself at Target armed with gift cards and a caramel macchiato that I’ll drink while hot.”

“My real wish gift – a Roomba!! (Seriously, I want a vacuum.)

“A year of just traveling”

“A day at the spa!!! Not just a mani/pedi, but multiple spa treatments over 4 or 5 hours”

“A personal hairstylist to do my hair every day! I guess I would also need a babysitter to watch my kids during this hour to myself.”

“Digital frame that you load photos from an app instead of a memory card” – Addie G.

“New pots and pans, just had a handle break off of one of my pots.”

“For the mommy guilt to go away and to realize I am enough for both of these munchkins.”

“An instapot or a Roomba. Take one task off my list and I am thrilled.” – Cassie F.

Some of these are wishful thinking and some of these are actual wishes that can be granted…(If you need ideas for your mama, I’d suggest going with what seems more wishful.)

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