F4M Field Trip - Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory 2018

Let's take a moment to share with you the magic of Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory located in Roswell.

Our wonderful playgroup captains organized a FIT4MOM Field Trip to this slice of heaven and those of us who didnt get to go last year were super excited.

They recently moved to their new location in Oct 2017 and since then have doubled their sales from last year. Such a lucrative spot, we're lucky to have been able to schedule our trip for the month of February.

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A family owned business, Brian O'Neill likes to fashion himself as a modern day Willy Wonka, tinkering with machinery and coming up with ingenious recipes, his wife and partner MJ keeps the schedule moving and the orders flying. Of course, it’s only possible with the help of their daughters. Even their little one likes to try her hand at being an Oompah Loompa.

Mr. Brian helped our little ones make White Chocolate lollipops, Milk Chocolate "pizza" with gummy bears and sprinkles as toppings, and "Magic Oreos" (oreos dipped in white chocolate and then sprinkles).

The kiddos barely listened to Mr. Brian as they all tried to grab the chocolate samples, "pizza toppings" and oreos on the table, but he kept the activities moving and our moms even got to taste a bit of the chocolate as well. At the end of the field trip, our kiddos went home on a sugar high with a goodie bag of treats for later on.

We didnt get to check out the O'Neills cafe at their location with an assorted selection of chocolates and a bit of seating, but the older kids probably would love to come and check it out before or after an "event". A great place for birthday parties, summer camps, etc.

If you LOVE chocolate, you should check out Chamberlain's Chocolate Factory located at 1575 Old Alabama Road Roswell, GA 30076. Facebook: http://facebook.com/chamberlainschocolate

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