Bad Moms Christmas Review

Our friends at Allied Marketing were kind enough to hook our FIT4MOM Family up with 20 passes to the preview screening of Bad Moms 2: Christmas last week.

I’ve only been a mom for 2 years, but let me tell you. . . #thestruggleisreal! One of the lines in the opening monologue goes something like this “Christmas is the Super Bowl of Holidays for Moms...” it IS one of the most stressful holidays (times) in a Mother’s year. No doubt about it. I remember being so stressed out for my daughter’s first Christmas. She was 7 months old...what 7 month old is going to remember all that effort when she’s in her teens or adulthood? We struggle as Moms to make everything “perfect”, we try even when we don’t have to try.

Like it’s prequel, Bad Moms Christmas is about taking back motherhood. Not letting life dictate what you do and say as a mom, but how you want it to be. And, as you can guess, things get a little messy. Especially when our protagonists moms arrive for the holidays...

This movie portrays three types of “Mother/Daughter relationships” - the overbearing one, the “my mom thinks she’s my best friend” one, and the “my mom is like another kid only coming around when she needs something” one. While I don’t know about my friends, I did identify in particular with one of the characters and her relationship with her mom. Not eye-opening but more reaffirming what I already knew and prompting me to call my mom the next day.

Aside from some deep reflection into my own relationship with my mother, the storyline was fairly predictable...although quite humorous. The protagonists antics together were funny and made me laugh out loud. The “Moms” (protagonists Moms) had some funny stories as well.

I laughed, I cried, I reflected. A little more than the first Bad Moms but I like that a movie can be humorous and make me think.

I saw quite a few men with their wives/girlfriends at the movie but I feel like they may not enjoy it as much as a mom would. So grab your girlfriends and make a Moms Night Out of it. It would probably be even better with one of those purses you can fit a whole bottle of wine in...but if you do that, please be responsible and get a ride.

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