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Sylvia Strauss

FIT4MOM Owner/ Stroller Strides Instructor

Sylvia joined FIT4MOM in September 2014 and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has changed her life. After her son, Dylan, was born in October 2013, Sylvia struggled to keep it together as a new stay at home mom without many other mom friends in the area. She used to go to the grocery store just to talk to the cashiers.

Sylvia has always been an active person but had never participated in any organized exercise program so she was a little intimidated to come to her first workout. But after hearing glowing reviews from a friend about all the fun play dates and music classes, she had to give it a try and get out of the grocery store. She was thrilled to find a group of fun, energetic and non-judgmental moms and a bunch of the cutest kids ever.

Now this workout junkie is not looking back. Sylvia is probably in the best physical shape of her life, but more importantly she is part of the FIT4MOM village. She is building lifelong friendships for herself and her son Dylan. He can't wait to play his friends bright and early Monday morning after a long weekend of "toddlering." Sylvia and Dylan have been able to go on some awesome weekly field trips that she never would have attempted on her own.

Sylvia is a more confident mom all around. Partly because she has almost 2 years of experience but also because she has been encouraged and supported by her FIT4MOM friends. Plus she feels healthy and strong. She is excited to join the team and continue to have a meaningful impact in other mom's lives.

In March 2017, Sylvia became the new owner of the FIT4MOM Roswell Alpharetta.

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