Kellie Floyd

Community Coordinator

In March of 2015, Kellie was ready to head back to work when her daughter was 16 months old. Feeling isolated at home but not quite ready for corporate America again, she went on her first FIT4MOM's class and fell in love! Finally...a place for both Mom and baby to grow together!

After gaining 40+ lbs with her pregnancy, she was ready to get back to her "old self" physically and emotionally. FIT4MOM's was the reason she began that journey. Motherhood is beautiful, but not easy, and finding the support of other women is vital. The comradery with these ladies is amazing and trickles down to the kiddos. Not only are they learning socialization skills, they are learning fitness is fun and most can do a pretty mean push-up or burpee!

Kellie is thrilled to join the group as a Playground Captain so she and her daughter Carly can continue having fun exercising, laughing, and loving with this wonderful group of women!

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