Jessica Kennington

Stroller Strides Instructor

After the birth of her daughter, Jessica went through a period of post-pardum depression. Feeling alone, shut-in, and tired, she was invited by another first-time mom to join her in a free intro to an exercise class for moms with babies in strollers. She knew she had to start somewhere, start getting out of the house. So when Nina was 10 months old, Jessica attended her first FIT4MOM class and never looked back.

Jessica was able to get into a daily routine that included something for herself and her daughter, in the fresh outdoors. And the benefits of her daughter seeing her mama exercise on a regular basis, would help Nina see the normalcy and importance of being active. Not to mention the daily Village play-dates that have given Nina so many friends she would not have made otherwise!

In April of 2016, one year later, Jessica decided to give back what she had gotten out of FIT4MOM and become an instructor. She brings lots of motivation, support, and fun exercises for the moms (and bubbles and songs for the kiddos!).

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