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FIT4MOM Owner/ Stroller Strides Instructor

Sylvia joined FIT4MOM in September 2014 and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has changed her life. After her son, Dylan, was born in October 2013, Sylvia struggled to keep it together as a new stay at home mom without many other mom friends in the area. She used to go to the grocery store just to talk to the cashiers.

Sylvia has always been an active person but had never participated in any organized exercise program so she was a little intimidated to come to her first workout. But after hearing glowing reviews from a friend about all the fun play dates and music classes, she had to give it a try and get out of the grocery store. She was thrilled to find a group of fun, energetic and non-judgmental moms and a bunch of the cutest kids ever.

Now this workout junkie is not looking back. Sylvia is probably in the best physical shape of her life, but more importantly she is part of the FIT4MOM village. She is building lifelong friendships for herself and her son Dylan. He can't wait to play his friends bright and early Monday morning after a long weekend of...


Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Body Back Instructor

Katie joined Fit4Mom in July 2014 after the birth of her daughter. She was anxious to get back to working out again, but her gym's nursery did not accept young babies. She decided to try Stroller Strides because it gave her the opportunity to attend a fitness class with her children. Not only that, but the class was held outside in beautiful weather! After her first class she knew this was a perfect fit for her and her family.

She became coming regularly and quickly gained many new friendships with the other moms, and new play mates for her kids, Isaac and Isabella.

Katie started as a Co- Play Group Captain for Fit4Mom Roswell / Alpharetta, then became a Stroller Strides Instructor. Her love for Fit4Mom continued to grow along with her involvement and her connection to Our Village.

Katie has continued to enhance her certifications. She now is an instructor for both our Stroller Barre classes and Body Back program.


Stroller Strides Instructor

After the birth of her daughter, Jessica went through a period of post-pardum depression. Feeling alone, shut-in, and tired, she was invited by another first-time mom to join her in a free intro to an exercise class for moms with babies in strollers. She knew she had to start somewhere, start getting out of the house. So when Nina was 10 months old, Jessica attended her first FIT4MOM class and never looked back.

Jessica was able to get into a daily routine that included something for herself and her daughter, in the fresh outdoors. And the benefits of her daughter seeing her mama exercise on a regular basis, would help Nina see the normalcy and importance of being active. Not to mention the daily Village play-dates that have given Nina so many friends she would not have made otherwise!

In April of 2016, one year later, Jessica decided to give back what she had gotten out of FIT4MOM and become an instructor. She brings lots of motivation, support, and fun exercises for the moms (and bubbles and songs for the kiddos!).


Stroller Strides Instructor

Maureen joined FIT4MOM in Chicago after the birth of her daughter in 2013. As the first of her friends to have a baby and become a stay-at-home mom, she began searching for a way to connect with other moms and get out of the house. Maureen found her place at FIT4MOM classes and activities. The physical benefits of classes were wonderful - more energy, more strength! But they absolutely paled in comparison to the emotional and mental benefits Maureen found from the FIT4MOM Village and its amazing, wonderful moms! Their support and encouragement made such a difference as she seemed into this new role of mom. That her daughter loved it too definitely helped!

After relocating back home to Alpharetta in 2014, Maureen literally cried tears of joy when she walked into the middle of a Stroller Strides class. She had found her Village again! After her son was born in 2015, Maureen realized she wanted to share the benefits of FIT4MOM with other moms in a more concrete way. So, she became a Stroller Strides instructor in May 2016. She loves helping and encouraging other moms to gain...

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Body Back & Stroller Strides Instructor, Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie joined FIT4MOM® in January 2016 after 3 months of being “shut-in” with a premature infant and 4 more months healing from a broken foot. Feeling quite isolated and alone, Stephanie was searching for something that offered mom-to-mom companionship, socialization for her daughter, structure and a place to gain strength and endurance for motherhood. She admits to almost throwing up after pushing herself in her first ever Stroller Strides class…however, she joined right after class. The encouragement and love from the other moms that didn’t even know her, along with the understanding and motivation of the instructor, and the announcements of playdates/moms night out made it very clear that FIT4MOM met all the requirements of that “something”.

Stephanie participated in her first Body Back session May 2016. In the eight weeks, she gained more than she expected: strength and endurance beyond what she thought possible, an understanding of clean-eating and how food acts as fuel for the body, a calm in motherhood, and herself. Moms can sometimes get lost in “mommyhood”...

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Stroller Strides Instructor


Stroller Strides Instructor


Community Coordinator

In March of 2015, Kellie was ready to head back to work when her daughter was 16 months old. Feeling isolated at home but not quite ready for corporate America again, she went on her first FIT4MOM's class and fell in love! Finally...a place for both Mom and baby to grow together!

After gaining 40+ lbs with her pregnancy, she was ready to get back to her "old self" physically and emotionally. FIT4MOM's was the reason she began that journey. Motherhood is beautiful, but not easy, and finding the support of other women is vital. The comradery with these ladies is amazing and trickles down to the kiddos. Not only are they learning socialization skills, they are learning fitness is fun and most can do a pretty mean push-up or burpee!

Kellie is thrilled to join the group as a Playground Captain so she and her daughter Carly can continue having fun exercising, laughing, and loving with this wonderful group of women!

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